Online casinos such as onlinecasino-southafrica are actually virtual casinos or gambling websites. Players create their accounts on these websites, make a small deposit and lay bets on their favorite games. Some players also visit online casinos for fun. People like playing here because of these two reasons-anonymity and convenience. Lately, many online casino owners have begun adding more excitement to their casinos by offering Live Dealer games, tournaments, weekly jackpots, etc. All the reputed online casinos are licensed by one or more gambling regulatory authorities.

Main features of an online casino

Every online casino has display its Responsible Gaming practices prominently on its website. These practices relate to the safety and security of the gambling community. For example, it is the duty of the casino to monitor all the problem and vulnerable players on its website. Problem gamers are those that are addicted to gambling. In addition, online casinos must also prevent money laundering by its members, particularly the high rollers. Casinos must also have a separate section on its Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy statement of a casino basically informs all the people how it collects data, uses it and whether that data is shared with the others. No online casino can force its members to give away their privileged information. Underage players and minors cannot play in any responsible casino. Gambling websites go the extra mile in convincing people about their credibility. They are eager to share the names of their gaming providers to derive that extra bit of credibility from the players.

Types of Online Casino games

There are two kinds of games- Virtual and Live Dealer games. Most of the games that you seein a casino are virtual ones. Here, you are essentially playing against a computer. All these slot machines, roulette tables, etc. are computers sporting attractive visuals. In Live Dealer games, you are playing against a real dealer who is working from a real casino. In these games, you can interact with this dealer, and lay bets. Live dealer games add fun and excitement to online casinos.

Kinds of casinos

Web-based casinos can't be downloaded or installed on your device. For playing on them, you need to visit their websites. Web-based casinos work with plugins that host the games. You might need tools like Flash or Shockwave to play those games. Some Apple devices might not work with web-based games. In that case, device owners should download and install Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox and other browsers on their devices. Some web-based casinos work with HTML5 technologies to provide a seamless gaming experience to the players.

  • You can play your favorite game on your casino on mobiles, desktops and tablets
  • Take your game with you wherever you go
  • Never miss your game plays simply because you are travelling.

Some casinos can be downloaded and installed on your device. Once installed, these casinos work faster than the web-based ones. However, getting these casinos on your desktop, mobile or tablet takes time as the file size is very big. Some professional gamers stay away from downloadable casinos because of the threat of viruses and malware. To sum up, modern online casinos work with several advanced technologies. Your information remains secure here thanks to the SSL technology. Servers of online casinos are safe from viruses, etc.